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Sunday, September 16, 2001
....and here's something kind of fun. I have the ability add little station promos to the broadcast feed, which I'm not doing right now. I guess I could record these on my own here at home but that's no fun, is it? What I really need to do is ask a great a cappella group to record the phrase "you're listening to A Cappella Always" a few times, maybe in some different styles. (Wouldn't that be awesome?!) If you're interested in contributing a few minutes of your vocal cords to A Cappella Always and promoting your group too, please email me!
A ton of new tracks today, courtesy of Primarily A Cappella (at, their Harmony Sweepstakes winner compilation CDs, and their Primarily A Cappella sampler (a fantastic introduction to a cappella for all your non-a cappella friends... after you turn them on to A Cappella Always, of course!).

So here's what's new:
  • Acoustix, "This Is The Moment"
  • The Alley Cats, "Tears On My Pillow"
  • All Star Vocal Band, "Don't Stop Belivin'" (a cappella Journey!! excellent! the female lead sounds surprisingly like Steve Perry, too)
  • M-Pact, "Change In My Life"
  • Mighty Echoes, "Ram A Lam A Ding Dong" (very nice doo-wop)
  • Naturally Seven, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
  • Toxic Audio, "Route 66"
  • Shawsheen River Rats, "Marooned In A Blizzard of Lies"
  • The Accidentals, "You Win" (I saw this one performed live... and believe it or not, I can actually hear myself yelling at the very end of this live track)
  • ... and finally, one of the sweetest a cappella arrangements I've heard of "Over The Rainbow," from Vox One.

  • Wow! That's a lotta new music! And there's more to come, from The Bobs and SoVoSo, plus more. Stay tuned... and thanks for listening.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2001
    Update coming later this week, I promise. Lots of new tracks from lots of different artists and some fantastic stuff from the latest Bobs CD, Coaster!