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Sunday, September 29, 2002
FYI: the Tenth Annual West Coast A Cappella Summit is coming in November, including concerts from The Persuasions, The Perfect Gentlemen, The House Jacks, Libana and Voice Trek.

Saturday, September 28, 2002
Tons o' new tracks have been playing for a few days now-- here's what they are:
  • The newly-professional Sons of Pitches has released their debut CD, a great disc aptly named With a 'P'. Listen up for five nice tracks: a measured "What a Wonderful World," the ballads "I'll Try" and "What Might Have Been" (my favorite), "You're Gone" and a great cover of the Toto classic "Rosanna" (and did you catch the hint of another Toto song in there?).
  • The Brown Derbies (of Brown University, natch) bring us two covers: R.E.M.'s "Texarkana" and The Dire Straits' "Romeo & Juliet." You can also here them toss of a funny little spoof of the Big Red chewing gum theme (I'll bet you'll recognize the melody!).
  • Maybebop is a hot new German a cappella group, and I decided to highlight their sound on three tracks from "Auf Die Ohren": "My Angel," "Medlenium" (a swinging medley of recent top-40 hits) and "Schlaflied," a poppy German tune-- anyone want to tell me what they're singing about?!
  • Long-time faves Rockapella are back with Smilin', an ode to the quickly-departing summer (in fact, we're pretty much in autumn now here in the U.S., aren't we?)... listen up for "Here Comes The Sun," "Jenny Come Away" and an awesome "Dance With Me." And by the way, welcome to Rockapella's newest member, bass George Baldi!
  • Finally, a bit of Wisconsin a cappella, courtesy the Mad Hatters and Tangled Up in Blue... I was impressed at how well a choir this size kept it tight and together on "Breathless," "I Love You Always Forever," "Insomniac" and a nice Madonna medley, titled simply enough, "Madonna."

  • Still to come: new music from Tonic Sol-Fa and Hookslide... thanks for listening to A Cappella Always!