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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Just added to A Cappella Always (can't disregard those non-holiday tunes): from the November 2003 A Cappella Radio International show comes a stack of fun TV theme songs! It's your computer, not your TV, that'll be blaring "Movin' On Up" (performed by Four Shadow), "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" (from the venerable Stanford Fleet Street Singers), "I Dream of Jeannie" (from DaVinci's Notebook), the theme from The Pink Panther (Swingle Singers) and my favorite, the Star Trek theme, performed by 4 Tunes.

Friday, November 28, 2003
Loading up that holiday music! Added today: three new tracks from doo-wop sensations Stormy Weather: "Jingle Bell Rock," "A Yule Tide Aire," and the classic "Jingle Bells." All three are off their CD Doo Wop Yule Pop (which is just a blast to listen to!). From their CD Street Carols-December Voices comes "Christmas With You," "Spirit of Christmas" and "Please Come Home for Christmas." And on the CD Street Carols, I discovered Stormy Weather's "Merry Christmas Baby" and 11th Avenue's version of "God Rest you Merry Gentlemen."

I also added two tracks from December 2003 A Cappella Radio International show, both performed by 1991 SPEBSQSA international champions The Ritz: "I Just Wanna Be Your Santa Claus" and "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

Finally, for something a little different, Christine Lavin's hilarious The Runaway Christmas Tree brings "A Christmas/Kwanza/Solstice/Chaunukah/Ramadan/Boxing Day Song," "Elves," "Snow! Medley" and my fave, "The All-Purpose Carol." These are brilliant and such a terrific antidote to the usual Christmas tunes!

Monday, November 17, 2003
New today on A Cappella Holiday, from Canada's Hampton Avenue: the charming "Charlie Brown Christmas," "Angel's Lullabye" and "Caribbean Christmas," all off their CD All I Want For Christmas.

Thursday, November 13, 2003
A bunch of new tunes on A Cappella Always... they've been there for a while, actually, plus I added a bunch tonight, too. Here's what you want to keep an ear out for:

Off of measureXmeasure's CD On Our Own comes "So In Love With You" and a really nice cover of the classic Supremes (and Nylons) hit "Up The Ladder To The Roof."

Hailing from the Beehive state, InsideOut A Cappella brings us a fantastic cover of the Erasure synthpop classic, "Oh L'Amour".

Dweelja Doobap's Swiss roots show with a song titled "Äs Buurebüäbli II" (don't ask, I have no idea how to pronounce it!), and you'll also hear them performing "I'm Wondering If You Know" and "We're In Love." All of these are off their CD titled We Dit It!... and listen for The Gang, from the same group, performing under their old name Urban Voices.

From the UNC Clef Hangers' latest, Breeze, we have a great cover of "Easy" and "Your Song" (as performed in Moulin Rouge).

And just so you know, I'm slow about keeping this blog updated (my web consulting firm, Themepark, has been crazy busy!) but I actually change the playlist on the station at least twice a month. So keep tuning in for new tracks all the time and keep an eye on this page, too, to look for your favorites. Thank you for your patience with my hobby. :-)
New tunes on A Cappella Holiday from Jubilation Singers, The Kringle Singers, D.C. Anderson and Rescue Ministries. Watch for a lot more holiday goodness in the next few weeks, as I load up that station to provide you with hours of great a cappella music this season... and more to come on A Cappella Always (the non-holiday station) shortly.