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Friday, September 09, 2005
It's been a while since I've posted updates-- though they've been happening, it's faster to upload the music and get it out there than it is to type up these descriptions. So, sorry about that, but I hope you've been enjoying:

- Ryan Noakes of Canada's Broken 5th sent me a nice note and a copy of a CD that he put together, The "Broken" Compilation. Listen for "Blackbird" and the old spiritual "Siyahamba."

- Off Cadence's new CD Twenty For One, listen up for a rockin' "The Things We Do For Love."

- The jokers at Moosebutter are back with their full-length release Udder Won and I'm playing the fun track "Rubber Monkey."

- From 1993, the Great Northern Union Chorus harmonizes on a lovely "Broadway Star Medley," off Evolution.

- From the latest John Wesley Harding project, Love Hall Tryst, "The Abandoned Baby" off their concept CD Songs of Misfortune. (All songs are morbid British folk tunes-- or in that style-- and in total, depict 13 gruesome deaths across the eleven tracks...)

- Finally, on a lighter note :-) the ever-popular Groove Society brings us "You're No Good," a "Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire" and a light cover of Gershwin's "Summertime." These are all from their new release a cappella.