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Monday, September 26, 2005
WORLD PREMIERE TRACK! Listen for the amazing, great and unreleased new version of "What a Girl Wants" from the 17th Avenue Allstars. I talked to Tony Huerta from 17th Ave and commented on the thumpin' bass; he said: "The bass is actually two tracks with two different microphones. One normal bass mic for one, and then the sub-bass notes are a lip buzz on a kick-drum microphone."

He added, "We went way out of the traditional 'group' concept and tried for a more pop concept. Jenn Butler is the lead female and is backing herself with several tracks. She is the only female we have and wanted girl backing vocals. We had a lot of fun trying new recording concepts on this one."

Judging by the quality of the track, I'm guessing they had a great time with it... enjoy!