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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Hey, BIG congratulations to Blue Jupiter for winning the Oreo jingle national singing contest! Their tune, which we'll get to hear nationally starting November, was chosen after an exhaustive search of hundreds of groups and then ten finalists. Nice job guys! To celebrate, I pulled a couple more tracks off their 2002 CD Ear Candy: listen for "Sir Duke" and "Wrapped Up In You."

I don't know anything about Popchor Berlin (how's your German?) besides the fact that they seem to have a good sense of humor... listen for yourself, since they bring us an a cappella cover of Devo's old track "Mongoloid." Don't know the song? The lyrics go something like... "Mongoloid he was a mongoloid / Happier than you and me / Mongoloid he was a mongoloid / And it determined what he could see / Mongoloid he was a mongoloid / One chromosome too many" --etc. :-)

Nice, eh? :-)

More soon-- Eric